12 Gift Ideas for a Healthy Mom

These 12 Gift Ideas for a Fit Mom can be items you give to another health-conscious mom in your life or a gift to yourself.

With Mother’s Day approaching, now is the time to get a few great gifts. So, here is the 12 gift ideas for a healthy mom. I have either use these products below or I personally know others who have and I have heard glowing reviews.

#10: A Stylish Gym Bag

These fitness bags look great! The right bag is standard yet stylish, and the bag on the left is untraditional and eye-catching. They are both spacious and ideal for yourself or another Fit mom ready to hit the gym.

#9: A Support Bra

There is nothing worse than a cute *BUT* non-supporting sports bra.  No one wants to feel like “the girls” are ready to flap their way out of a bra.  No worries. Whether you are a full-figured woman or rocking it like a boss-mom: B-cup Bra-size style. These brands may help.

#8: Fitness Tracker

With the hustle and bustle of life, it is SO… easy to lose track of your health goals.  There are so many watches out to help keep It will give you friendly reminders to Move and much more.

#7: Medela Breast Pumps

This is a favorite and trusted brand for all of the breastfeeding moms, including me when I was lactating.  Medela is a high-quality trusted brand that is perfect for pumping your liquid-gold into after you are showered and have had a good workout. 

#6 is: Jogging Stroller

Torching unwanted calories is a breeze with jogging and eating a healthy diet. But, getting on a strict jogging schedule means child care or taking the children with you. This quality and trusted strollers are well worth the investment. Many kids will enjoy your ride and you will enjoy the results of jogging.

#5 is: Fitness Outfits

You can never go wrong with the high-quality fabric of Lululemon.  These pants are excellent for the fashionable and fit mama.  And, Lululemons are cute to wear running errands or out on a playdate.  

#4 is: Blenders

Losing or maintaining weight on the go is simple with a good blender.  Whether you are making a cold and refreshing green smoothie or deliciously roasted garlic hummus you can not go wrong with a Ninja Blender or Vita Mix

#3 is: Neoprene Vest

Nothing else needs to be said after seeing this picture.  And, ANY help we can get as moms wanting to lose the baby pooch is needed.

#2: Stability Ball and Resistance Bands

Resistance training is important for toning and getting the shapely figure you want. Stability balls and resistance bands are an easy way to get fit at home and at the gym, as these are two common gym items.

#1: Treadmill

It is awesome to go to the gym for a workout, but as busy moms, you may need to get in a very quick workout and not drive to the gym or take your kids to child care.  And, exercise outside in the fresh open air is amazing, but the weather conditions do not always agree with your run/walk schedule.  Therefore, a treadmill is an excellent option for busy moms. 

Bonus Gift Ideas

If you know you need the motivation to use this equipment, don’t hesitate to invest in your program and your results. Get this audio program that you can listen to at home, the gym or anywhere you go. What is your favorite item on this list? And, if you want assistance with using any of these items, then LET’S TALK!

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