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What are 11 Ways to lose baby weight?

There are eleven things you can do to make losing baby weight easier.  You make being doing the opposite and struggling to lose weight.  Stop struggling!

Want a Sweat-Proff Makeup to wear at the gym?

Whether your make up has worn off from a long day at work or its the weekend, you want to look good at the gym. Here are 30 crulety-free options


9 Reasons to Do Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience! And, even if you appreciate pregnancy as I do...

12 Gift Ideas for a Healthy Mom

Beautiful Bags, Sports Bars and more for you to be prepared for a great workout.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

weight gain during pregnancy is important in order to nourish the precious little girl or boy ...

Healthy Children Homeschool-Fun

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Karla is so sweet and compassionate. After trying for over a year to loss 10 pounds. She poured her heart into each session- often going above and beyond. I lost 10 pounds within the MONTH. She taught me how to keep it off, which I have done for over a year. I love Karla and her family, and I highly recommend her without hesitation.
Kathy Abrams
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