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I have been happily married to this gorgeous man for 16 years and counting. I am blessed beyond measure to call him my best friend, spiritual and life mentor, and only father of our children.

Hi, I'm Am Karla Walker

Let me help you lose weight, gain confidence, and own your awesomeness as a woman and mom. 

I love to help moms of all ages and expecting moms to be healthy in their mind first and their body second so they can be healthier.  

Karla is a proud mama of six and a wife to the loving father of all of my children, Rich Walker. She earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with a Food and Health Certification from Stanford University.  She is also an American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, and, a Certified OhBaby Fitness Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Instructor. 

After a fulfilling career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, helping a countless number of children and families with their mental health needs, I self-tired and become a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach to help people, especially women and moms with their spiritual, mental and physical needs.~ Karla  Walker, The Mommy Motivator


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Lives Changed

When I am not getting my dear client's results, like this which took ONLY 3 months:


I am getting healthy and happy myself. I run.

I dedicated this 5k to my grandma whose funeral was exactly one year prior on the day of the race. I love my grandma~

Since childhood, I have loved to help motivate people and be better-emotionally.  In 2001, I met a gorgeous, kind, and motivating man, named Rich Walker. Did I say he was gorgeous. Oh, yes, I did. Funny, after all of these years and all of our kids together, just being in his presence makes me… well… he makes me smile. 

I learned that Rich motivated people and made them be better-spiritually, emotionally and physically as a Health and Fitness Professional. I thought how he helped people was simply fascinating.  So, when he offered me an opportunity to combine our skills and help people together as husband and wife team, I was all in. 

Little did I know that I would have to help myself: spirit, soul, and body to lose the baby weight- year after year -after year from having our six kids. After the second birth, I struggle to lose my baby weight.  Having to lose up to 60 pounds (repeatedly) was taxing until I learned 7 Secrets to Lose the Baby Weight. 


I home school our children with my husband
and I exercise with our kids.

Imani and Azaan are hard at work focused on their individual subjects with their Master Teachers for each course. Now that the older children are in advanced classes, it is helpful to leverage assistance for higher level course. And, when school is complete for the day, we enjoy either a nice run or bike ride together.

What Do I offer?

I am on a mission to offer my clients personalized attention with...

Client Reviews

What Client's Say?

I am writing to recommend Karla as a Personal Trainer. Recently, she has worked with me on my fitness and weight loss goals. When I began, I didn’t really believe that I would see much of a difference but I thought that it was worth a try and maybe I will learn something. Karla wrote me a meal plan and provided me with a workout plan each day.

I have learned that I need to eat more frequently in smaller portions. I love the workout plan that she provides me online which I can get through my iphone. I like it because it tells me exactly what to do and includes videos on how to do the individual workouts.
Karla is very encouraging even when she is not physically there with me. She texts me daily with affirmations and inspiring quotes that I sometimes need to hear. She reminds me to stay with the plan and mentions that she hopes to see me at the gym. When she does not see me at the gym, she checks in on me, which keeps me accountable.
I really enjoy my time spent with Karla at the gym when we have our sessions. She is a special person with an interesting point of view. I really enjoyed getting to know her and I value my friendship with her. She is also very knowledgeable about many subjects and I have learned so much from her. I recommend Karla to anyone that wants to challenge themselves to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. She truly cares and wants to see her clients succeed. While working with Karla, I have already surpassed the goal that I have in mind and have made a new goal for myself. Knowing that Karla believes in me has helped me to do this. I hope to become pregnant in the near future and continue to work with Karla!
Kim Cassar
Several weeks ago I started training with Karla Walker at Powerhouse Gym in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I have found Karla to be very enthusiastic and passionate regarding her position as a personal trainer. She immediately designed a meal plan for me and an exercise program.

Not only is Karla knowledgeable in her field, I found Karla extremely caring, personable, thoughtful and easy to connect with. Karla has strong communication skills. She is always the first person I hear from her each day, giving me words of encouragement and praise.

Karla makes it so much easier to push forward towards my goal of becoming a much healthier, energetic and productive person. I am very thankful to have Karla in my life as my trainer and friend.
I am excited to continue working with Karla during the next eight months. I look forward to enhancing my health and overall well-being with her by my side. Karla’s enthusiasm, caring nature, knowledge in her field and work ethic are greatly appreciated.

Sarah G.

Client Reviews

What Clients Say?

I want to thank Karla Walker for her time and commitment to me for allowing me to go at my own pace to be where I need to be, I have a mobility issue that I need special attention and I let Karla know that and she Immediately start to work on them the progress has been great Karla has a beautiful spirit, and kind heart she is a hard worker that I admire thank you for Karla being in my life. She is a blessing.
Deanna Briggs
I love working with Karla. She is sweet, that’s why I call her always sweet Karla. The text message that she sends me every morning are so motivating and gives me positive thoughts to start my day. I just lost 4 pounds and I’m happy and I’m more happy of continuing working with Karla because I know I’m going to lose my goal. Thank you and love you sweet Karla!
Bejela Bushaj
Wife and Mom of Two