Are You Frustrated with Your Mommy Pooch?

Are you frustrated with your Mommy Pooch?
I want to help! I loss over 60 pounds in 6.5 and healed my Diastasis Recti after baby number six! With the RIGHT exercises and information, you can TRANSFORM your MOMMY TUMMY.
With 30-MINUTES A DAY. Yes, you can get the results you want -at home!

Let me share my BEST tips with you! 


Insane amounts of cardio, restricting calories too low, and doing…


Set your mind and expectations in the right direction, and do…

Weight Loss is Hard

…but, it doesn’t have to be!  After my second baby, it got harder and harder to lose the baby weight.  But, I loss weight baby after baby.  I figured out why I struggled and  corrected what I was doing wrong. The weight fell of after age 40.  Now, I gladly help other mothers avoid struggling.

When I was 60 pounds overweight, I was tired and not confident in my own skin as I once was.  I looked so different to me.  I know what it is like to have confidence to be replaced with doubt from wondering if you would ever get your body back.  

I was desperate to change…

“I thank God for the many lessons I learned.”

My husband is a veteran personal trainer, author, and an amazing motivator who gave me advice and tips.  And, one of the best lessons I learned with improving my body after pregnancy was that I had stop feeling afraid of not bouncing back and start feeling fierce enough to bounce back!

I had stop feeling fear of not bouncing back after pregnancy and start feeling fierce enough to bounce back after pregnancy!

No matter if you gave birth two months ago or 20 years ago, you too can feel fierce enough to bounce back after having kids

First, please stop doing exercises like

sit-ups, crunches, and planks as they make

diastasis recti worse and prevent you from improving your mom pooch.

Second, start doing the same exercises I did to target the core muscles so can close the gap once and for all. 

Third, get the 21-Day Mommy Tummy Terminator Challenge and. 

Go ALL In…


"The 21-Day Mommy Tummy Terminator Challenge got me amazing results. The exercises were tough, but they got easier as the days and weeks went on. I think any mama should try this challenge for sure!"
Rosanne Kelly
Mom of Two
"The first few days was really hard. I had to let my family know that I was really serious about do this challenge. Once I focused on the program-WOW! I see was and above standards of other free Page Builders. Try it and you'll love it!"
Pamela silverman
Mom of Four
"This program is easy to follow. It is encourage. Thank you Karla for giving me and other moms hope that we can bounce back. I highly recommend this challenge."
Kelly Jones
Mom of Five
"Thank God I found Karla. First your smile is everything! You are so encouraging . These exercises are challenging but not to hard. I told my sister about the challenge. She just started. She loves it too! " Karla, you rock!
Sara Womack
new Mommy

What's Inside?

Video Demonstations
(VALUE $625)

These video demonstrations are easy to follow. I use the actual exercises I did to heal my diastasis recti.

Weight Loss Workshop
(VALUE $127)

This informative workshop will give you the foundation your need to reach your weight loss goals.

Mommy Fitness Checklist
(Value $47)

There are many moms who fail because they do not do certain things on this checklist. Doing this checklist daily will help you have success.

Mommy Affirmations
(VALUE $37)

Affirmations will help to give you the motivation you need to stick with your health and fitness program for as long as it takes to heal your diastasis recti

Clean Eating Guide
(VALUE $60)

Have you hear that "ab are made in the kitchen." It is important use nutrition to support your workouts so you can see results.

Fit Mommy Printables
(VALUE $29)

One of the greatest obstacles for a mommy not to reach their health and fitness goals and flattening her tummy is not to be disorganized. These Printables will help you stay organized.

I am so confident that you'll change your tummy, I offer a:

If you gave your best verifiable effort by using each workout and using each component of the 21- day (digital, self-paced, not-live challenge) and you were not satisfied, then you can get a 100% Refund.  No Hassle. 

 Simply email with your verification that you completed the program (e.g. before and after dated photos) and remained the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes.  The exercises in this program are low-impact and easily modified at all levels.

Yes.  It is never too late to get the body you want. You body is resilient and can be trained.

Consult with your doctor, but a general rule of thumb in 6 weeks with vaginal birth and 8 weeks for a caesarean birth.

This program is a DIGITAL PRODUCT.  Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation email with all of the links you need.