Success Stories

Cancer does NOT have to stop you from
improving your health!

My client and now friend, Wendye, is an intelligent and inspirational woman. I am motivated by her tenacity and her story.

Soul and Body Transformation-MommyMotivationOnline-
When I first started on this journey, I was just coming off of a very difficult time in my life.after years of suffering from excruciating pain within my lymphatic system, I was finally diagnosed with a rare form of no Hodgkin lymphoma. I had to undergo 6months of chemotherapy and immunosuppressant therapy and right now, I am on immuno step-down for 3 years. I had gotten a bit depressed and my weight had ballooned to 240lbs. I had started back to bag boxing, which I love, but I needed a focused approach to get this weight off of me once and for all. I knew that at my age, it would be a challenge but I had to try and do something. I signed up at Powerhouse with the goal of just attempting to get back into the swing of exercising.
I was asked to try the trainer-based training and I reluctantly did so. I started working with Karla and in 4 months, I have lost 22 lbs! I am now 217 lbs and well on my way of reaching my personal goal of getting under 200 lbs. I’ve learned a lot from Karla as to how the body works, processes food and responds to various exercise. I’ll admit that I had my doubts when I first started because the exercises were a bit easy but that changed quickly. So much so that now I can complete a 30 minute cycle on the stair climber at level 4 and run sprints at level 5. Last year that was unfathomable. Others have noticed my transformation more than I have but I am happy to say that there are a whole lot of clothes that had not seen the light of day for year that I can now fit. Instead of shopping for new clothes, I can now shop in my closet! I would definitely recommend Karla as a trainer. Not only is she is a great trainer but she has a big heart. Glad that I got to know and work with her.
" I’ve had a very good experience with Karla. She’s not only a trainer but a friend too. No matter what time of day, she is always motivational and she has lots of energy. She is very kind and makes every session fun. She brings energy and passivity to every session. Carissa Hanley "
University Student
"I love working with Karla. She is sweet, that’s why I call her always sweet Karla. The text message that she sends me every morning are so motivating and gives me positive thoughts to start my day. I just lost 4 pounds and I’m happy and I’m more happy of continuing working with Karla because I know I’m going to lose my goal. Thank you and love you sweet Karla! "