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Upcoming Courses

Struggle-Free Weight Loss Online Course

Attention: Emotional Eaters, Mindless Eaters and Yo-Yo dieters.  I know that weight loss can be a struggle, but it does not have to be.  In this course I will let you know the mistakes I made and the easy to follow strategies I used to stop my struggles. I help many of my clients win over weight and I may be able to help you.  

Healthy Pregnancy for High-Risk Mom Online Course

I had (5) five high-risk pregnancies.  I will share all of my best tips and resources that I used to keep our babies and myself as healthy as possible.      

Peaceful Birth Online Course

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn how to have a peaceful birth?  I am in active labor and sitting on a birthing ball, listening to my favorite songs in this picture, and ready to greet our baby number six.   

Birth an amazing and empowering experience.  I can help you have a peaceful and beautiful birth no matter if you are having a scheduled c-section or alternative birth.