11 Things You Need to Know to Lose the Baby Weight

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Do you love to look at your baby, but you hate to look at your baby pooch?  Do you ever wonder how certain moms lose weight after birth so quickly, while others struggle with losing the baby weight for months or even years after giving birth?  Well, you are reading the right blog!

You can lose weight after pregnancy. You can have energy.  You can feel confident again!  You are not doomed to look six months pregnant when you are not pregnant at all.  Why am I so sure that you can lose the baby weight?  I know you strong-willed.  You are determined and powerful.  And, you know how to be consistent and dedicated.  It takes a strong will to be pregnant.  And for many mamas, it takes a strong-will to even conceive. 

Pregnancy and birth are beautiful experiences, but even beauty can have a down-side.  As you know, pregnancy can mean you will have morning sickness, back pains, aches, swelling, and even disappointment at times. BUT, you got through this!  And, birth can mean hours of pain and complications-some of which are life-threatening.  BUT, you got through this!  You have what it takes to get through pregnancy and birth, so I believe you have on the inside of you (RIGHT NOW) what it takes to lose the weight you have gained.   

With the items in this post and with consistent effort each day, you can get results.  I am here to help you. 

I want your struggles with losing weight after birth to be over!  I want you to be empowered with items to get you results fast!

I believe every mom deserves an opportunity to feel confident about her body after birth. I even co-authored wrote a book to help moms be mentally empowered to lose the baby weight.  

If you allow me a moment to be transparent, I will briefly share why I care about you and your weight loss after birth.  Well, my husband and I have always wanted a big family.  So, we are immensely grateful for our six precious gifts- our children.  But, one thing that has always bothered me and probably bothers you too (since you are reading this blog) is the amount of weight I had to lose after each pregnancy.  Despite how healthily I eat or how active I was during pregnancy, I usually had to lose anywhere between 35-60 pounds after birth to be back to my normal weight.  Losing this amount of weight SIX TIMES every other year for a little over a DECADE was daunting.

I distinctly remember when my soulful struggle of losing weight after birth began.  After giving birth to my second child and first-born son, I was REALLY stuck at being 35 pounds heavier than my normal weight.  It may sound silly now, but this made me feel worried.  I began to doubt myself and my body’s ability to lose weight after having two kids.  I consciously understood that weight loss after birth was possible, especially after looking at celebrity moms and magazine covers of fit moms.  But, I began to doubt if weight loss after birth was actually physically possible for me.

When I think about it, I was not worried that I was overweight with two kids at the time.  I believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and cultures.  But, I was worried because I felt powerless to change my own body.  The common-sense fitness approach (exercise and eat healthily) was not working -at least not as fast as I thought it should.  Thankfully, my husband is not only a loving dad to our children but he is a veteran Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Expert, Author, phenomenal motivator and so much more.

I have learned a lot from his handsome self throughout my weight loss after the birth journey.  And, truth be told, I learn from his brilliant mind every day.  Now, I am a Certified Health and Fitness Professional with the knowledge, power, and passion to teach others how to lose weight, especially after birth.  I am passionate about helping other moms who may also worry about losing weight after birth to stop worrying.  I am here to help beautiful mamas like you to get the body you want and deserve.  I do not want ANY woman or mom to feel powerless to change her own body.  I want moms to have confidence in their entire spirit, soul, and body.

So, if you are struggling with confidence in how your body looks after giving birth, then I am here to help!

I firmly believe that it is NEVER too late for a mom to get the body she deserves.  I have created a beginners guide that lists 11 amazing items to help you get started on your Flat Belly After Birth Journey.

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